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  • Ramsarup Industries Limited was incorporated in 1979 

  • We are a profit making and dividend paying company 

  • The company is listed at National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange

  • The company is engaged in manufacturing of wires, TMT bars  and steel. Also engaged in infrastructure development of India

  • Our head office is in Kolkata Operates through its only office at Kolkata and our plants are at Kalyani, Durgapur, Shyamnagar & Kharagpur.  Our products are sold from Kutch to Kamrup and Kashmir to Kanyakumari. (Please add the part about exports)

  • The company has six units :-
    a) Ramsarup Industrial Corporation
    b) Ramsarup Nirmaan Wires
    c) Ramsarup Lohh Udyog
    d) Ramsarup Infrastructure

    e) Ramsarup Utpadak
    f) Ramsarup Vidyut

  • Broad customer base both in terms of segment & geographical spread

  • Power is the major thrust area, with almost 40% of the topline coming from the power sector

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