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  • Ramsarup Industries Limited took over the Steel Division of Nicco Corporation Ltd in August 2002. The above unit is engaged in manufacturing of TMT Bars, Wire Rods and Steel Wires.  

  • Installed capacity of TMT Bars (Re-inforcement & Debars) - 167000 MTs & Steel Wires - 36000 Mts.

  • An ISO 9001:2000 unit.

  • Only producer in India to provid.e complete  range of 8mm to 40mm Bars using Thermex Technology.

  • Supplier to large projects and companies and registered with Contractor of NHPC, NTPC, CPWD, Nuclear Power Corporation etc.

  • Selling material under its brand "RAMSARUP".

Works 68, East Ghosh Para Road,
Athpur, Shyamnagar, 
24 Parganas (N), 
West Bengal

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