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Ramsarup Vidyut


  • Incorporated in the year 1992 as a trading company. 

  • Profit making and dividend paying company for last 10 years.

  • In 1995, entered into manufacturing activity by taking over an existing rolling mill at Agarpara, West Bengal. The Mill is producing various grades of Hot rolled steel products and is operating in the name of RAMSARUP UTPADAK as a unit of RAMSARUP VYAPAAR LIMITED.

  • Catering mainly to construction sector (including Roads & Bridges) Registered with DGS&D, Railways and Defence. 

Works 613, B.T. Road,
24 - Parganas (North), W.B.
Phone No. (+91-33) 2553 1314 / 2483
Fax No. (+91-33) 2553 2483 

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