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RAMSARUP GROUP was founded in 1966 and has grown substantially in last four decades. We are one of the largest manufacturers of steel wires and a leading player in TMT manufacturing in Eastern India. Our infrastructure division is involved in power transmission and distribution, bridge-building and laying of sewerage and water pipelines. We are one of the fastest growing groups catering to the power and infrastructure sectors in India and we aim to consolidate our position by initiating steps towards organic and inorganic growth.

In keeping with our goal to be one of the most integrated players in the steel sector, we have put up an integrated steel plant at Kharagpur, to act as a feeder for our existing wire and TMT units.

Our Group turnover was over Rs. 2000 Crores (US $ 385 Millions) in 2008-09 with a net worth of over Rs. 450 Crores (US $ 82 Millions).

We pride ourselves on the fact that brand Ramsarup is highly regarded for its consistent quality.

At Ramsarup, we believe that sustainability is key; Cornerstone of our dream is to emerge as one of the most profitably and environmentally sustainable enterprises with complete integration from iron ore to transmission lines.

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