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Aashish Jhunjhunwala
Chairman cum Managing Director

The term 'lifestyle revolution' invokes images of malls and mobiles, razzmatazz and restaurants. Ironically, the biggest lifestyle revolution in the world is going to happen not in the high streets of India but in its slums and chaupals.

Not in downtown cities, but in thousands of Indian villages

  • where for the first time ever, millions will be able to light up their homes with the simple flick of a switch.

  • Where for the first time ever, millions will move beyond mud-caked and thatched huts into concretized homes.

Amazingly, these first-in-history instance are poised to happen within the next few years.

Ramsarup Industries Limited is one of the few Indian companies poised to capitalize on this through the manufacture of wires used in the transmission and distribution of electricity, and through the manufacture of TMT bars used in construction. In our endeavour to ensure that we are one of the most profitably sustainable players in our industry, we have engaged in backward integration by putting up an integrated steel plant and acquiring mines. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are directly involved in this lifestyle revolution, as we engage in rural electrification and in civil infrastructure projects.
At Ramsarup, we realize that our industry is a competitive one.

However, if we have emerged as one of India's fastest growing companies in this broad space and - one of the leading manufacturers of wires and TMT bars in the secondary sector in India - it is because we have run these businesses with a difference. Focusing not as much on being the largest as on emerging as the most profitably sustainable. 

Focusing not as much on retaining a large company body but on nurturing a small company soul.

And focusing not as much on rewriting the rules of the games as on changing the game itself!

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